Our story

Lyndsey had suffered from loneliness during various parts of her life, as a teenager, as a new mum and then again as a freelancer. While working from home in 2016 Lyndsey was lonely. She looked around her and realised that in fact she wasn't alone - there was a whole community of lonely people around her. And, sadly, her story isn't unusual.

The Friendly BenchⓇ isn't just an innovative community project, it's a project born out of the unique combination of Lyndsey's skills. As an award-winning product designer, communications consultation and founder and editor of a successful green living website, Lyndsey's personal experience is the creative glue for The Friendly Bench™.


Following it's opening in Leicestershire in March 2018, The Friendly Bench CIC is working with communities across the UK and extending it's award-winning The Friendly BenchⓇ network. Lyndsey knows that this simple, delightful, cost effective solution can provide a positive significant impact on individuals and the wider community.