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An Evaluation of The Friendly Bench Network

Our independent evaluation unveils the impactful outcomes of The Friendly Bench CIC community infrastructure project. 

Key findings from the evaluation:

✨ Three-Fold Purpose: The Friendly Bench
 serves as a connecting hub, linking people, places, and nature, contributing to community well-being.

🌟 Benefits: Individuals experience improved well-being, increased social interaction, and reduced isolation. Communities gain improved spaces, social hubs, and access to funding.

🌳 Connecting with nature: The Friendly BenchⓇ engages people in gardening, nature-based activities and participation with other environmental focussed groups.

🤝 Connections: Over 150 network connections made, creating partnerships with local and national organisations, enhancing community resources.

🔑 Enablers: Success factors include attractive and accessible outdoor safe space, collaboration with local organisations, and active community involvement.

The headline findings are below. The full report can be downloaded by hitting the button below.


Discover how The Friendly Bench is transforming communities and building connections across the UK.

Headline Findings - September 2023

An Evaluation of The Friendly Bench Network

September 2023

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