The Friendly Bench™ - Reconnecting people back to their community

Connecting people


An accessible social space, The Friendly Bench™ helps grow and strengthen people's social networks with their wider community and improves wellbeing through friendship and is the focus for regular community events and activities.

Connecting places

Purposely designed, The Friendly Bench™ provides a convenient and comfortable place for those with limited mobility to rest, helping them to connect with local services and public places, whilst also encouraging independence and opportunities to participate in the wider community on their terms.

Connecting with nature

Enabling easy accessible interactions with nature, wildlife and the outdoors to help improve people's physical health, mental well-being, social behaviour, self esteem and life satisfaction.

"It's wonderful to have The Friendly Bench™ near my home, now I am able to get outside and meet my friends."

Betty, 84

"The Friendly Bench™ is a really fantastic and innovative project which I am confident will help combat loneliness in our local community."

Sir Alan Duncan

"Love The Friendly Bench™. Hoping to see them rolled out around the UK."

Rachel Reeves MP

Co-Chair of Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness

"The Friendly Bench™ gives me a real boost, it takes me out of myself, it gives me something to do and more fresh air!" 

Steve, 57

The Friendly Bench™

Best Social Enterprise Award winner

Lyndsey Young, Founder of The Friendly Bench™ CIC and winner of Best Social Enterprise, discusses how The Friendly Bench™ is a growing movement, working with communities to help them improve their health and mental wellbeing, community resilience and cohesion, whilst tackling loneliness and social isolation.