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Grow Social Engagement In Your Community With
The Friendly Bench

At The Friendly Bench, we believe in the power of connection.

Our purpose is to bring people together, to reduce loneliness and to boost wellbeing. Our specially designed outdoor seating spaces are not just benches, but meeting points and social hubs, hosting regular activities and events for people of all ages and abilities.

And our results show that by providing the right opportunities, we are helping people to forge friendships, feel valued and become more connected to their communities.

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Tracey Crouch MP for Chatham & Aylesford, 

Former Minister for Loneliness

"The Friendly Bench is such a creative but wonderfully simple idea to help combat loneliness.  It was by far one of my favourite schemes to hear about during my time as Minister, not least because it seems an incredibly cost effective way of creating connections within a micro-community. I would love to see many more Friendly Benches across the country."

Media Coverage

The Friendly Bench has been featured in the media across the world, here's just a few places where we've been publicised...

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