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Membership of

The Friendly Bench network

Upon joining The Friendly Bench™ network, once your scheme is launched your group or organisation will automatically qualify for membership of our tried and tested model with a recognised brand name and receive comprehensive support, resources and advice including:


  • Initial support and guidance to enable scheme member to get up and running,

  • Support and advice with launch,

  • Operational guidance and support,

  • Updates to operational guidance, 

  • Ongoing support either through telephone, on-site or internet assistance,

  • Training opportunities and seminars

  • Inclusion in national events alongside other TFB network members

  • Access to TFB CIC’s and wider networks’ experience, expertise and sharing of best practice,

  • Marketing materials and resources including rights to use brand name, calendar of events and promotional materials,

  • Inclusion in national marketing and brand building initiatives to develop stronger presence in local, national and global community,

  • Inclusion in national publicity and promotional activities including print media, TV and radio campaigns as well as social media marketing to raise awareness of your scheme and wider community work to help reach potential supporters and funders.

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