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Leanne, one of our volunteers, lands a job thanks to The Friendly Bench

We're thrilled to announce that Leanne Hills, our brilliant Treasurer at The Friendly Bench Boston Community Group, has embarked on an exciting new journey as the Environmental Projects Co-ordinator at Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) !

Leanne's dedication to her community shines bright – from running her own café to organising free lunches and fundraising efforts. Her passion for giving back led her to The Friendly Bench Boston, where she stepped into volunteering for the first time.

Through her remarkable contributions, Leanne was encouraged to apply for a new role at LCVS where she landed her new role in the Environmental Project team. Her commitment will now extend across Boston, encouraging volunteerism and helping spearhead community and environmental initiatives.

But that's not all! Leanne remains an integral part of The Friendly Bench Boston Committee and has recently taken the reins as Chair.

Congratulations, Leanne! We couldn't be prouder of your accomplishments and the incredible impact you're making. A heartfelt thank you for your exceptional work at The Friendly Bench Boston – and a warm welcome to LCVS, where they're truly fortunate to have you, just as we are. 😊🧡

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