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Join us for our second virtual Afternoon of Tea and Cake

Following the fun time we had at our first Afternoon of Tea And Cake at our 'virtual' The Friendly Bench™, we will be holding our second one on Sunday 3rd May at 2pm.

To join in the fun, simply make yourself a cup of tea (or coffee), grab a slice of cake or biscuit and join in the conversation by clicking on this Zoom link.

Meeting ID: 746 6287 3221

Password: 9TuaMi

If you are not sure how to use Zoom, here's some simple step by step instructions on how to set it up. 😊

Don't worry about having to do anything in preparation, it's simply a time for us all to catch up, have a chat, share some laughs and, of course, enjoy a cup of tea and cake in the company of friends, old and new.

We hope to see you soon, in the meantime, take care and keep safe ☕️🍰😀

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